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1973-09 September Classic Newsletter

California Selection for September 1973


The vines of Fetzer Vineyards are located in the beautiful Redwood Valley of Mendocino County. Herd the grapes grow fast and the wines mature early, yet are hearty and long lived. The wines labeled Gamay Beaujolais in California, like in France, are wines that are best drunk young. But, due to the strength of the California Gamay grape, the Beaujolais here are longer lived and more full in body. One can figure a California Gamay Beaujolais will reach its maturity between one to four years. Fet¬zer Gamay Beaujolais may be drunk with almost any food both light and dark meats, yet best with light meats or cheese and bread, served cool 63 to 65° Fetzer Gamay Beaujolais $3.25 per fifth

Imported Selection for September 1973


We recently tasted the wines of Louis Guntrum at a wine seminar and tasting in Long Beach; and were very much taken with both the quality and the price of these fine wines of Germany. This curious name, Zeller Schwarze Katz, came about when a wine buyer was sampling various fuders at Zell trying to make up his mind which one to buy. Not hav¬ing any other identification, he pointed to a fuder on which a black cat was perched and hence the name, Zel¬ler Schwarze Katz. The wine is best enhanced when served with white meats, fowl or fish. Its light, slightly sweet flavor comes through at its best when chilled to around 55°. Louis Guntrum Zeller Schwarze Katz $3.99 per fifth


New From France

A special selection of imports has arrived at Palos Verdes Liquor and Spice. The selection includes two Bordeaux, two Burgundies, and a Rhone. The entire selection, plus five more, re-ceived great praise at a recent tasting attended by a dozen local connoisseurs. Special interest was given though, to the five wines presented here. They Are:

Macon Vire Reg. $4.49 / on Sale at $3.89

Cote du Rhone Villages 3.99/ 3.49

Meursault 8.89/ 7.49

1971 Chateau Belair 5.26/ 4.59

1970 Chateau Bellevue 5.79/ 4.85

The regular prices will probably take effect with the next shipment. Be sure to make your purchases now at the sale prices.