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1973-10 October Classic Newsletter

California Selection for October 1973


Since its humble beginnings in 1858, the Charles Krug Winery has been known for its quality premium wines. The selection this month of their Chenin Blanc is, in keep¬ing with our attempt to bring you the best quality for your money. Charles Krug produces this varietal of 100% Chenin Blanc grapes; indeed its bouquet and bright light body represent the best qualities of this wine type. You'll find in Charles Krug Chenin Blanc, a wine that is as easily served at a fine evening banquet, as at a Sunday picnic. Its clean, crisp, slightly sweet flavor is as at home with cracked crab or lobster as with turkey sand¬wiches in the park. Chenin Blanc is best when cool at 55 to 60°, and opened approximately 15 to 20 minutes be¬fore served. $2.75 per fifth

Imported Selection for October 1973


This sturdy red wine of Rhône Valley, from the village of this name, has a long and much celebrated history. The name itself, new castle of the Pope, implies great¬ness. Originally, in the 14th century, the wine was the favorites of the Popes when visiting their summer re¬treat at Avignon, some ten miles south of the present vineyards. The area today is the most important of those in the Rhône Valley. The wine itself is a deep red, usually high in alcohol- 13-14% - yet softer than Hermitage or Côte-Rôtie. It matures in three years yet is best when drunk at five to ten years. Chateau Neuf-du-Pape is best when served at room temperature with more full bodied meals such as beef roasts and beef stews. The wine should be opened one hour before serving. $5.45 per fifth