Jean-Charles Boisset Collection Baccarat Crystal Champagne Decanter

Jean-Charles Boisset Collection Baccarat Crystal Champagne Decanter

Item #: JCBCCD

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When Jean-Charles Boisset, wine innovator and celebrity, set out to create the ultimate in elegant wine glasses and decanters, he called on the famed Baccarat (a French commune in the Northeast) crystal makers to collaborate and create these unique gifts.

There is no more storied history in the world of fine crystal than Baccarat and no more famed wine group than JCB. Everything that Jean Charles ventures into becomes the basis for all design to come. His wines, his tasting rooms, and his passion are unrivaled in the world of wine. I sat with him for a podcast and was completely taken by his knowledge and expression; his Raymond Vineyards remodel changes the way Napa wineries look and feel forever.

This JCB Passion collection of Baccarat crystal can only be expressed this way: Exquisite. Functional. Elegant. Incomparable.

These are never discounted in the retail market (they are today) and arrive in the traditional elegant red Baccarat gift box. Truly exquisite in presentation and quality.