Rose, NV. White Girl

Rose, NV. White Girl

Item #: 6745
Vintage: Non Vintage
Varietal: Rose (Zinfandel/Sauvignon Blanc)
Vineyard/Appellation: California
Nose: Watermelon, Strawberry, & Cotton Candy
Palate: Red Berries with hints of citrus
Finish: Refreshing
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Perfect with BBQ chicken, burgers, grilled shrimp, Asian food & cheese/Alcohol: 12%

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White Girl Rose is full of character. Or, more correctly, characters. One character is iconoclast Josh Ostrovsky, known in social media circles as "The Fat Jew." Joining him in this enterprise are brothers Tanner and David Oliver Cohen, the pop-culture mavens behind Twitter's popular @whitegrlproblem. (The "White Girl" referenced in the name is Babe Walker, a fictional online persona invented by the brothers.) Add creative marketer Alexander Ferzan to the mix and we have Swish Beverages, the sassy winery behind the White Girl.

After the rose shortage in the Hamptons in 2014, the group saw an opportunity to make their mark. Another appeal was that, according to Ostrovsky, "Rose doesn't take itself too seriously." We like that about rose, too. The wine itself is a Zinfandel blend with a dash of Sauvignon Blanc. Strong watermelon, strawberry and cotton candy notes and a tart citrus punch make this a very drinkable wine, refreshing as lemonade on a summer day.