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Bordeaux Blanc, 2019. Chateau La Freynelle

Bordeaux Blanc, 2019. Chateau La Freynelle

Item #: B0421W1IF
Vintage: 2019
Varietal: Bordeaux Blanc
Vineyard/Appellation: Bordeaux, France
Color: Very Pale
Nose: Stone Fruit, Fresh Herbs
Palate: Imposing
Finish: Lovely Citrus
Rating: 96
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now thru 2022/Seafood, Shellfish/13% Alcohol by Volume

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Jean Barthe's planning of his new chateau in the Entre-Deux-Mers region of Bordeaux got an unexpected boost which, though not his doing, certainly enhanced his chances of success. It was called The French Revolution. That famous 1789 removal of the French aristocracy insured that Barthe could actually own his land! The property is still run by the Barthe Family.

Veronique Barthe inherited the chateaux in 1990 and became the first female winemaker at La Freynelle. The 200-acre property is in the center of the appellation and considered one of its first ch?teaux. That makes it a rather historic property, a fact not lost on the Barthe Family.

The average age of the vines at La Freynelle is 25 years, a very important aspect of quality. It means the vines are in the middle of their most productive, quality-producing life and will be making the best wine possible.

Unlike most of Bordeaux that produces less than 10% dry white wines, La Freynelle's production is at 25%. This is inherently due to the fact that the soil and climate here is exceptional for the white mix of grapes typically crafted.

In our selection, the blend is 60% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Semillon and 10% Muscadelle. Obviously, the slate-driven, impactful and imposing Sauvignon Blanc takes center stage. It is softened by the Semillon and Muscadelle, presenting a united front of lovely fruit and citrus notes to sing with scallops in saffron or crab cakes in a mint and serrano chile infusion.