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Bordeaux Rouge, 2015. Mary Taylor

Bordeaux Rouge, 2015. Mary Taylor

Item #: B1019R2IF
Vintage: 2015
Varietal: Bordeaux Rouge
Vineyard/Appellation: A.O.C. Bordeaux, France
Color: Lilting Crimson
Nose: Violets, Plum, Earth
Palate: Medium Body, Cassis
Finish: Soft Tannins, Faint Cherry
Rating: 96
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2024/Red Meat, Vegetarian/13.0% Alcohol by Volume

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Mary Taylor is a real person and the only woman we know of whose name appears on a bottle of Bordeaux. Her experience in the U.S. caused her to journey to France to learn the mysteries of the different appellations, particularly in Bordeaux.

The Bordelaise like to boast that the soil "changes with every step" and that's probably true. Mary witnessed the fact that one vine planted a few feet from another vine of the same type could produce markedly different wines - even when made in exactly the same fashion.

She had never been exposed to that phenomenon before, because it was relatively unknown to Americans. Mary set out to make it known - a daunting task in Bordeaux, where there are no less than 8,000 producers.

It is surprising to learn that almost 40% of all the wine made here is made by independent growers who sell to negociants. Mary acted as negociant, teaming with Jean Marc Barthez to use his extraordinary holdings to craft extraordinary wine.

The grapes come from Barthez's vineyards, which are sustainably farmed and maintained. The blend here is 50% Merlot with equal parts of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. In superb vintages like 2015, the results are nothing less than monumental - as they are here.

At first you are struck by the scent of the earth. Then comes the lilting cherry and plum followed by a dash of cassis and a long, lingering and lasting finish. A true Bordeaux beauty.