Bordeaux Blanc, 2020. Chateau Lestrille

Bordeaux Blanc, 2020. Chateau Lestrille

Item #: B1022W1
Vintage: 2020
Varietal: Bordeaux Blanc
Vineyard/Appellation: Bordeaux, France
Color: Very Pale
Nose: Intense White Peach
Palate: Lavish Fruit, Granite
Finish: Tremendous
Rating: 98
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now thru 2023/Seafood, Shellfish/13.5% Alcohol by Volume
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Learning something is difficult enough. Unlearning something is even more difficult. When the Wine of the Month Club was founded 50 years ago, wines from Entre Deux Mers were easy drinking and inexpensive. We knew what to expect and were seldom disappointed.

Then, a few producers got together and said "We can do better than this." One of them was Chateau Lestrille, which was founded by the Roumage Family in 1901 and is still run them. Bordeaux was, of course and still is, known for red wines considered the best in the world. So, white Bordeaux was an afterthought. A lot has changed in the last 50 years here. The main change was the planting Sauvignon Blanc and the phasing out the inferior Ugni Blanc grape.

It created a stunning reversal of fortune and we had to unlearn all that we thought we knew about Entre-Deux-Mers. The wines from here now, as this selection will attest, are stunning. Lestrille went a step further and has become sustainable and edging toward organic farming. They also hired Michele Roland as a consultant, one of the most heralded winemakers on Earth.

This beauty is basically 97% Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes are picked at full maturity and then crushed with 12 hours of skin contact. This procedure adds a touch of tannin producing an amazing grip in the finish. You are immediately thunderstruck by the stone fruit and floral aspects in the nose and on the palate. The mouthfeel is astounding and worthy of a shrimp pasta with chorizo or scallops with serrano mint pesto.