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Viognier, 2016. Oak Grove

Viognier, 2016. Oak Grove

Item #: C0118W1DC
Vintage: 2016
Varietal: Viognier
Vineyard/Appellation: California
Color: Medium Straw
Nose: Floral, Peach
Palate: Fresh and Fruity
Finish: Hints of Vanilla
Rating: 95
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now thru 2019/Vegetarian, Light Meats/Alcohol: 13.8%

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Oak Grove was founded in 1999 with the desire to create absolutely first-class California wines. Its proprietor is Jeff Dye, who comes from a family of winemakers. Jeff has been in the business for decades, and it shows in his wines. They just keep getting better and better.

Today, Oak Grove is one of the largest wineries in California, with vineyards in the north and central coast as well as in Lodi and the San Joaquin Valley. They've been enormously successful, and for good reason. They know what they're doing.

Traditionally a Rhone Valley varietal, the Viognier grape finds a home-away-from-home in the warm days and cool nights of the California coastal climate. Viognier is known as a fussy grape, and its yields tendto be low and unpredictable. In fact, one of the legends surrounding its name is that it came from the Roman pronunciation of "via Gehennae," meaning "Road of the Valley of Hell." It's a seriously frustrating varietal to grow. So, it's no surprise that it takes a special touch to bring out the best in this grape.

Jeff Dye gives a lot of credit to his winemaking staff, who search out the finest grapes from California's cool appellations and vinify them with great care, as evidenced by this selection. It's clearly the product of master craftsmen.

Viognier's signature aromatics start the show, with rose petals and peach. Then crisp citrus and rich stone fruit flavors wash over the palate, perfectly balanced by textured notes of oak and vanilla. This wine is first-class all the way.

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