Chardonnay, 2017. Four Vines

Chardonnay, 2017. Four Vines

Item #: C0519W1DC
Vintage: 2017
Varietal: Chardonnay
Vineyard/Appellation: Central Coast, California
Color: Bright Straw
Nose: Apricot, Apple, Peach
Palate: Rich Red and Green Apple
Finish: Lovely Citrus Edge
Rating: 97
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2022/Seafood, Fowl, Vegetarian/13.5 % Alcohol by Volume

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Four Vines is made by Purple Wine + Spirits in Sonoma. Theirs is one of the more successful stories in the wine business, a business filled with much less success than most others.

The Benham family created a brand in the 70s called Lost Hills, which attained a certain stature, as the wines represented great values. One of their wines was Blackstone, one of the most successful brands in the state, which they went on to sell for more money than you could count..

After that, Derek Benham founded Purple Wine + Spirits in 2001, and has gone on to purchase other iconic brands along the way, building a rather substantial wine empire. Purple's success is owed to one very simple tenet: give people what they want at a price they think is fair and they'll buy it.

It sounds so simple, you'd think everybody could do it - but that's not the case. The Benhams never forgot their roots, building brands from the ground up and rewarding their fans by continuing to produce outstanding wine values.

Our selection is a perfect example. First of all, it comes from the cooler climate Central Coast, where the grapes have ample time on the vine to develop exotic flavors and complexity. It is called Naked Chardonnay because it sees no oak and, thus, reveals the perfect, unadorned presence of the Chardonnay grape.

That presence includes a lilting baked apple aroma, followed by the same on the palate, adding quince and guava as it goes on through to the citrusy finish.