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Chardonnay, 2017. Novinophobia

Chardonnay, 2017. Novinophobia

Item #: C0720W1DC
Vintage: 2017
Varietal: Chardonnay
Color: Brilliant Gold
Nose: Spice. Vanilla
Palate: Green Apple, Guava
Finish: Lip Smacking
Rating: 97
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2025/Fish, Fowl/14.5% Alcohol by Volume

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When we first encountered the name, we thought it meant being afraid of wine. But winemaker, Mark Rasmussen, corrected us. It means the fear of running out of wine. The inference being that at the prices of the wines from Novinophobia, you never will. This is typical of Mark's sense of humor.

Our selection is typical of Mark's incredible 40+ years of crafting wines that are off the charts. His incredible understanding of this topic is that he studied both Food Science and Enology at Fresno State. This education gave him an insight into how they work together to create the perfect, synergistic experience.

Most winemakers are pretty good cooks. It's about blending different ingredients to make the greater whole. However, when you go deep into the science and chemistry of food and wine and notice the differences and similarities, you get an insight into how they meld together.

One couldn't ask for a more perfect example. Part of the wine was barrel fermented, part of it was aged in oak, and part of it went through malolactic. A little of this, a bit of that, and you build a wine just like you build a dish.

The result, as usual, is perfect. Here, you have the apple and spice of Chardonnay with a splash of vanilla and a hint of citrus. With a slightly seasoned roast halibut or a highly seasoned crab enchilada, it all works.