Cabernet Sauvignon, 2018. 600 Peak

Cabernet Sauvignon, 2018. 600 Peak

Item #: C0722R2
Vintage: 2018
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vineyard/Appellation: California
Color: Medium Magenta
Nose: Cherry, Spice
Palate: Rich Berry
Finish: Slow & Penetrating
Rating: 97
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now thru 2025/Red Meat/12.9% Alchohol by Volume
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This selection was a spectacular find. Here is a first class Cabernet Sauvignon with enough age on it to show its pedigree. It comes to us from Summerland Estates, formerly Terravant Wine Company, a significant player in the California wine industry with a facility that dwarfs most others.

Terravant is a place for winemakers to rent and make their wines without the huge investment in equipment and manpower. They just rent what they need and go from there. As a result, they are able to produce wines of exceptional quality at exceptional prices. On occasion, Terravant makes their own wine when they come across exceptional grapes, they can be purchased at a bargain price. 600 Peak is one of those wines. Anna Clifford is the winemaker. She is a Southern California girl who was inspired to make wine after seeing the sprawling vineyards in the romantic comedy, "French Kiss." She earned her Enology Degree from UC Davis and then visited the wine regions of France, Italy, Germany and others before coming back to the states.

Her impressive experience making Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa and Sonoma lead her adventurous spirit to explore the possibilities for this grape in the Central Coast. Terravant's vast holdings was the obvious choice. The glass explodes with dark cherry, clove, and pepper which leads to the same excitement on the palate but adds black berry and tobacco. The total sensation is nothing less than ingratiating and could do no harm to an aged prime New York steak sprinkled with a pink peppercorn sauce.