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Zinfandel, 2013. The Great American Wine Co.

Zinfandel, 2013. The Great American Wine Co.

Item #: C0919R2DC
Vintage: 2013
Varietal: Zinfandel
Vineyard/Appellation: United States
Color: Deep, Dark Crimson
Nose: Chocolate, Cherry
Palate: Lush Raspberry, Vanilla
Finish: Extracted, Spicy
Rating: 97
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2024/Red Meat, Game/13.5% Alcohol by Volume
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Our selection has two labels. One is The Great American Wine Company, and the other is Rosenblum. Both are owned by Bronco Wine Company. And both pay homage to Kent Rosenblum, a Zinfandel pioneer who made Zinfandel a household name with incredible respect for nearly 40 years.

Bronco, the new owners, kept Rosenblum's name alive by crafting wines worthy of the heritage. They even retained his original winemaker, John Kane.

Sadly, Kent Rosenblum passed away last year. Fortunately, his name and wines live on. Bronco is dedicated to preserving both. They are the seventh largest winery in the U.S., at over 10 million cases, and have the wherewithal to preserve this winery's heritage, as well as its future.

Zinfandel has a checkered history since becoming the darling of the wine world back in the 60s. It was so adaptable to soil and climate, as well as different styles, that it became the winemaker's new toy. But they played with it a bit too much.

Zinfandel was originally known as a heady red wine with lots of fruit. But it also became a port, a nouveaux and even a white! The consumer became confused, as they never knew what they were going to get - except with Rosenblum.

Here is true-to-form Rosenblum Zinfandel. Beginning with a deep, dark color, aromas and flavors of chocolate and cherry are mixed with raspberry and vanilla. Finally, comes the rich, intense finish that seems to go on endlessly. As a matter of fact, it does - and with pleasure!