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Old Vine Zinfandel, 2016. Loose Moose Zin

Old Vine Zinfandel, 2016. Loose Moose Zin

Item #: C0920R1DC
Vintage: 2018
Varietal: Old Vine Zinfandel
Vineyard/Appellation: Lodi, California
Color: Opaque Purple
Nose: Dense Plum
Palate: Rich Cassis
Finish: Very Long
Rating: 99
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now thru 2023/Red Meat, Game/14.3% Alcohol by Volume

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Our selection is a combined effort between Ehlers Winery in Lodi and renowned sommelier, Martin Sheehan-Stross. Partnerships between wineries and sommeliers are not uncommon, but they are fraught with potential problems. Most sommeliers are not winemakers, in spite of the fact that they understand the process. But, Sheehan-Stross is one that understands that you may want certain flavors in your wine, but once the grapes are picked, you have what you have and now you just make the wine.

His credentials are formidable. He was named one of the top five sommeliers by Wine & Spirits Magazine, rated #1 Sommelier by the Guild of Sommeliers and Best Young Sommelier by The Chaine des Rotisseurs. The Chaines' history goes back to 1248 when King Louis IX ordered the formation of a gastronomic guild, which later turned into the Chaine des Rotisseurs. Today, they have 25,000 members worldwide promoting fine dining and fine wine events. Membership is by invitation only.

Martin couldn't have found a better winery to partner with than Ehlers. Their 100-year history of growing grapes in Lodi is unsurpassed. They also boast some of the oldest Zinfandel vines in the state.

There is no substitute for grapes that come from vines that are 50 years old or more. The yields are much lower which concentrates the flavors to the maximum degree. Layered plum, strawberry and blueberry are held by ample tannins and ready for anything from garlic duck wings to sausage and peppers.