Chardonnay, 2019. Happy Hour

Chardonnay, 2019. Happy Hour

Item #: C1020W2DC
Vintage: 2019
Varietal: Chardonnay
Vineyard/Appellation: Monterey, California
Color: Pale Gold
Nose: Apple, Vanilla
Palate: Textured Tropical
Finish: Lovely Citrus
Rating: Seafood, Shellfish
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now thru 2022/Seafood, Shellfish/13.5% Alcohol by Volume
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Happy Hour presents the best of all worlds. It is owned by Kristin Jolley, a business and logistics professional with, obviously, a large wine interest. She spent years in grocery and food market enterprises before branching out to become CEO of a woman-owned small business.

The beauty of what Kristin is doing is that she understands business. Most small wineries don't. They're seduced by the jocularity and comradery of the wine business until the harsh realities set in and by then it's too late. Kristin was smart enough to partner up with Arroyo Seco Vintners, a powerhouse custom-wine facility in Monterey that grows grapes, houses several small wineries, and provides the needed expertise and equipment to make great wine. That's why we find her operation refreshing. It makes our job easier and much more enjoyable.

There is talk all over the world of how wine needs the "woman's touch." If this Happy Hour is the result, we're all in. This offering balances a light touch with a sensual air that works at all levels. The grapes come mostly from the cool climate of Monterey. They are fermented and then put in oak barrels for only four months. This adds just enough complexity to the wine, but doesn't hide the lovely undercurrent of flavors.

Green apple, lemon peel and honey are just part of the complex mix of flavors and expressions which make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Matching with a shrimp and scallop pasta or French onion soup would be a delight.