Chardonnay, 2015. Stone Valley

Chardonnay, 2015. Stone Valley

Item #: C1118W2DC
Vintage: 2015
Varietal: Chardonnay
Vineyard/Appellation: California
Color: Bright Straw
Nose: Pear, Apple, Spice
Palate: Apple, Vanilla
Finish: Lovely Citrus
Rating: 95
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through Vegetarian, Seafood/13.5 % Alcohol by Volume
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Stone Valley is the product of Ironstone Vineyards in Lodi. Its history goes back to 1934, when John Kautz's family founded the Bear Creek Winery. They had been farming the land there starting in 1926 and decided that, since Prohibition was finally abolished, grapes might be a good crop to farm. They were right.

John is not only a first-rate grape grower - now with 7,000 acres on his estate - but he is also a very insightful one. When everybody said that Lodi was too warm for Chardonnay, John knew it could be grown with stunning success if you just knew how to farm it correctly. Four generations of farming correctly will do that to you.

As exciting as some people think the wine business is, the fact is that it's farming, pure and simple. If the grapes aren't perfect, the wine can't be. You have to start with the best grapes or you can't make great wine.

Ironstone is not just a first-rate winery and vineyard. It is also a showplace for meetings and concerts, and has hosted many flashy events - including the Concours d' Elegance in 2016, one of the most extravagant car shows in the world.

Our selection starts out like a classic, cool-climate Chardonnay in that it has lovely, piquant aromas of apple and lemon peel mixed with charming vanilla and spice. The flavors are similar, but also expand into tropical hints as well as touches of pineapple and pear. Fantastic!