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Duche De Longueville, NV. Sparkling Cider

Duche De Longueville, NV. Sparkling Cider

Item #: XS6703W
Vintage: NV
Varietal: Sparkling Cider

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This important estate was founded as a distillery in 1925, but switched to cider production in 1950. It is the only commercial operation in France specializing in single-varietal, naturally-fermented ciders. These 'artisanal' ciders, the traditional drink of Normandy, had become virtually extinct this century before the Duche de Longueville relaunched the style. The name Cidre Bouche refers to the champagne-style cork, and like Champagne, the sparkle is a natural byproduct of fermentation - no 'pompe bicyclette' here.