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Chardonnay, 2017. Poiema

Chardonnay, 2017. Poiema

Item #: L0120W4DC
Vintage: 2017
Varietal: Chardonnay
Vineyard/Appellation: Edna Valley, California
Color: Deep Gold
Nose: Pear, Melon, Vanilla
Palate: Creamy, Buttery, Spice
Finish: Extremely Complex
Rating: 96
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2022/Seafood, Fowl/14.1% Alcohol by Volume

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The name comes from ancient Greek which translates loosely into "that which is crafted." It is a seemingly apt name for this beautifully crafted Chardonnay. It all began when winemaker, Anna Clifford, saw the romantic comedy, French Kiss, at the tender age of 13. Most young teens would see this movie and think of romance. What it did for Anna was convince her she had to become a winemaker.

She majored in Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis and immediately had job offers from Napa and Sonoma Counties. One of the jobs was from Buena Vista in Sonoma where she became enamored with the Burgundy grapes, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. She decided that those two grapes were her calling and nothing could stop her.

Fortunately, nothing did. Her search for the perfect place to find these grapes eventually lead her to the Santa Lucia Highlands, now considered one of the finest areas for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in California. The south-east facing mountainside terraces provide the vines with early morning sun. The long growing season is created by the cool climate and oceanic fog and accounts for slow and steady grape maturation.

The result is as close to perfection as possible. These influences allow Anna to guide the wine along, instead of interfering with it. That guidance accounts for the lovely floral, tropical and spice elements crafted to their ultimate calling.