Petite Sirah, 2013. Chacewater

Petite Sirah, 2013. Chacewater

Item #: L1017R1DC
Vintage: 2013
Varietal: Petite Sirah
Vineyard/Appellation: Lake County, California
Color: Medium Purple
Nose: Rich Bramble and Black Cherry
Palate: Ripe Berry, Spice, Pepper
Finish: Very Extracted
Rating: 97
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2020/Red Meat and Game/Alcohol: 14.6%
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Chacewater in Lake County, California, has one of the more interesting stories in the wine biz. Owner Paul Manuel is of British descent - from Chacewater, England. His forefathers were hard-rock miners and, like them, Paul took to physical labor at an early age - in his case, construction work.

He prospered at his craft for over 30 years, reaching a management position and financial success. But the call of the grape was loud and clear, and he eventually had to follow it.

Paul and his wife, Kellye, began planning their vineyard and winery in Lake County almost 30 years ago. They chose well, because a few years later they were selling grapes to Fetzer. By 2008, they realized they were growing outstanding grapes and decided to branch out on their own. By 2011, Chacewater released their first wines.

Lake County is nestled between Napa and Mendocino. Many wineries in both counties get their grapes from here, as it is one of the finest unsung grape-growing regions in California.

It is also known for producing outstanding Petite Sirah, as evidenced by our selection. Following in the footsteps of Fetzer and Parducci, Paul and Kellye are crafting some incredible wines here.

Petite Sirah is not for the faint of heart. Its bold brambleberry flavors and spice are harnessed by gripping tannins and a mesmerizing finish.

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