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Pinot Noir, 2013. Reata

Pinot Noir, 2013. Reata

Item #: L1018R1DC
Vintage: 2013
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Vineyard/Appellation: Sonoma, Monterey and San Benito, California

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Reata is the namesake of Jamison Ranch Vineyards in Napa Valley. The vineyard was founded by William Legion, a 30-year veteran of selling other people's wine and making other people the money. So, in typical Andy Hardy fashion, he bought the land, planted the vineyard and decided to make his own wine.

William was smart enough to know that he's not a winemaker. He hired Linda Trotta, who has traveled the globe from Italy to South America (including Chile), as well as California and Washington. She studied under Zelma Long, one of the first superstar winemakers back in the '80s. In other words, Linda learned from the best.

Wine, music and art seem to be the binding agents here. William is a singer and artist, as well as founder of the Napa Valley Repertory Theatre, and Linda received a degree in art history from the University of Padova, in Italy.

Our selection is nothing short of a beautiful, artistic creation, featuring Linda's passion for the sublime Pinot Noir grape. While Napa may be king for Cabernet, it is no friend of Pinot Noir. The hot climate doesn't work for it.

So, Linda found suitable vineyards in Sonoma, Monterey and San Benito counties. Instead of picking one, she chose all three, as each has its own distinctive qualities to add to the mix.

The result is a lovely rendition of this exotic grape featuring classy pink plum, rose petals and cherry.