Merlot, 2013. Delayed in Glass

Merlot, 2013. Delayed in Glass

Item #: L1217R2DC
Vintage: 2013
Varietal: Merlot
Vineyard/Appellation: Santa Barbara County, California
Color: Medium Magenta
Nose: Plum, Anise, Cherry
Palate: Dense, Rich Fruit
Finish: Extracted, Gripping
Rating: 97
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2022/Red Meat, Game, Fowl/Alcohol: 15.6%
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As with many wines, it's often less important to know what it is or who made it than where it came from. The soil in which the grapes are grown has the greatest impact on the final wine. Our Delayed in Glass proprietors are not only fully cognizant of that, but are devout devotees of the concept.

Our jewel of a Merlot/Syrah/Sangiovese blend came from no less than three ultra premium vineyards in Santa Barbara.

The Syrah came from White Hawk Vineyards in the Los Alamos Valley. Here is the warm climate in which Syrah flourishes. As a result, you will find grapes from this vineyard adorning some of the most heralded wines made in the state.

Larner Vineyard is owned by winemaker Michael Larner and his wife Christine. Michael possesses one of the most impressive resumes we've seen. He has worked for Antinori in Chianti, Guigal in the Rh?ne and Babcock and Rusack in Santa Barbara. His vineyard is one of the most revered in the country for Sangiovese.

And finally, Merlot from Happy Canyon Vineyard rounds out the blend. The soil here is so rocky that the vines must struggle to find water, but that struggle is what imparts the strength to the vines and the flavor intensity to the grapes.

The result is power and glory unmatched. The plethora of plum, anise and earth swirl on your palate in an endless array and deposit flavor and finesse all along the way.

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