Jaquere, 2016. Domaine Jean Vullien & Fils

Jaquere, 2016. Domaine Jean Vullien & Fils

Item #: L1217W4IF
Vintage: 2016
Varietal: Jaquere
Vineyard/Appellation: Savoie A.O.P., France
Color: Very Pale
Nose: Mineral Notes and Peach
Palate: Shy Peach, Granite
Finish: Lovely Citrus
Rating: 96
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2019/Shellfish, Seafood, Vegetarian/Alcohol: 12.0%
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Domaine Jean Vullien was created by its namesake in 1973. It is now run by his two sons, David and Olivier. The vineyard is in the little-known region of Savoie, located in the northwest corner of France. The principle grape here is even the lesser-known Jacqu?re.

The appellation is high atop the French Alps and too cold to grow red grapes. So it is the shy Jacquere which answers the call.

The grape is also grown in the northern Rhone, where it has flavors and aromas similar to Viognier, but without the power. In the colder climate of Savoie, Jacqu?re shows its character by displaying a delicate and aromatic presence, shrouded in a web of gripping acidity. Vullien's grapes are situated in a slightly warmer microclimate within Savoie, so their wine expresses more weight and flavor than most local wines.

The 50-acre vineyard is tended to completely by hand. The grapes are hand-picked, so as not to disturb their delicacy, and then hand-sorted at the winery to make sure that only the ripest and fullest grapes are crushed.

This is a very expensive process, but necessary to preserve the gentle nuance of Jacqu?re. The result, of course, is a lovely, vibrant offering that is considered the best the appellation has to offer.

The clear, clean tone, set by the wine's color, continues through the fetching aroma of apple, on to the lovely palate, and finally all the way through to the vibrant, citrusy finish.

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