Mystery 6 Pack (White Wine)

Mystery 6 Pack (White Wine)

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Dear Wine Love, tease your palate and leave you wanting more.

For me...I like the cool stuff, wines you would walk right by in the wine shop because they seemed to unfamiliar...that's what I like.

My inclination for white wines...are interesting white wines. Standard California Chardonnay does not do it for me...for years wineries have been chasing the "California" style over-oaked, one dimensional Chardonnay.

I put together a Mystery 6-pack of these eclectic white wines that will tickle your fancy. And if they don't, I will send you something that will!

Guaranteed to be valued over $120...and that is over 50% off!

It is still hot out there...get a cool deal from the Wine of the Month Club.

Mystery White 6 pack $49 from Wine of the Month Club on Vimeo.