Cabernet Sauvignon, 2016. Dominican Oaks

Cabernet Sauvignon, 2016. Dominican Oaks

Item #: N0522R1
Vintage: 2016
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vineyard/Appellation: Napa Valley, California
Color: Deep Garnet
Nose: Plum, Anise
Palate: Dominating
Finish: Lush, Inviting
Rating: 96
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now thru 2024/Red Meat/13.9% Alcohol by Volume
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Our selection comes from The Rutherford Wine Company. Most wine drinkers aren't familiar with Rutherford, which suits the third generation just fine. The first Cabernet Sauvignons from Rutherford were made over 50 years ago and received national and international attention. As if that isn't enough, wine writers from all over the world have not only praised their craftsmanship, but no review would be complete without mentioning the tremendous values they offer. That's why we've been fans for as long as Rutherford has been making wine.

Rutherford Ranch is located in Eastern Napa's historical Silverado Trail. It is one of the sub-appellations of Napa considered at the top along with Calistoga, Howell Mountain, and of course, Rutherford. The winery owns parcels in each district along with vineyards in Monterey, Lodi, and the Central Coast. No matter which varietal or where it is grown, Rutherford Ranch has kept its reputation alive by continuing to make exceptional wines at exceptional prices. Our selection is no exception.

Grapes were first planted here in the 1880s. The wines became highly touted almost overnight. Prohibition slowed their spread, but the 1930s saw a renaissance headed by the Napa Valley. Wineries began to sprout like grapevines culminating in their now being over 1,000 wineries just in Napa! Not all Cabernet is produced equally and our selection is unequaled. From the moment the scent of earth, leather, roses, and plum aromas are experienced, it is obvious what is to follow. And, it certainly follows.