Pinot Noir, 2021. Domaine Pillot

Pinot Noir, 2021. Domaine Pillot

Item #: P0123R4
Vintage: 2021
Varietal: Pinot Noir

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The clusters harvested are destemmed. Maceration is done in concrete vats (very practical containers as their inertia and large size keeps the temperature constant irrespective of any external temperature variations) over 10-12 days.

The wine blends meant for bottling are then barreled and malolactic fermentation (which marks the end of vinification and will completely drain the residual sugars and convert the malic acid into lactic acid) takes place in barrels while aging for 12 months. A ruby red wine, with notes of red berries. The mouth, though elegantly light, offers bursting flavors of red fruit, and a balanced mouthfeel.