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Pinot Noir, 2017. Lasorda Family Wines

Pinot Noir, 2017. Lasorda Family Wines

Item #: P0420R1DC
Vintage: 2017
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Vineyard/Appellation: Paso Robles, California
Color: Deep Magenta
Nose: Dark Cherry, Mint, Truffle
Palate: Imposing Presence
Finish: Long & Lovely But Subdued
Rating: 97
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2028/Fish, Fowl, Game/14.5% Alcohol by Volume

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Ask any baseball fan from any city, who are the two most popular Dodgers in history, and most of them would get it wrong. One of them never played in a game, while the other played 60 years ago.

With all the great names in Dodger history like Duke Snyder, Roy Campanella, Sandy Koufax, and Jackie Robinson, most fans would choose announcer Vin Scully and Tommy Lasorda.

Lasorda is well known for all the hilarity, World Series rings, and famous rants. But actually, Lasorda came from a family of restaurateurs and home winemakers. So it comes as no surprise that owning a winery is about as natural as bunting with a man on second and no outs.

Lasorda has used the same strategy as a famous manager to make great wine; hire the best people you can. That strategy lead him to Terry Culton, a 20- year veteran winemaker who has embraced Pinot Noir as his go-to grape and excelled in making them in California's most suitable appellations. But, Napa wasn't one of them. Terry and Tommy decided to check out other places and chose Monterey. It wasn't a tough choice, as many of the best Pinot Noirs come from Monterey, and we all know Lasorda's best take on the best.

Grapes were picked at optimum ripeness and went into an arduous, cold fermentation lasting twice as long as normal. Thus bringing out all the flavor of this gem to hit the ball out of the park. A perfect pair with grilled salmon and tomato coulis or rack of lamb with rosemary and garlic.