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Pinot Noir Private Club Membership

Pinot Noir Private Club Membership

Item #: PNEC
Arrives at around $600/shipment
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You are invited to join an Exclusive Group of Pinot Noir enthusiasts.

Pinot Noir is a fascinating grape. It is one of my new passions in the wine world.

I have a small group of Pinot Noir enthusiasts that I hand-curate (4) shipments a year (October, November, December and February)...they spend the remaining months tasting and evaluating the wines I found.

I have room for 10 more people (you must love Pinot Noir!) ....and just like all my offerings..."you may cancel at anytime and you never pay for a wine you do not like"

Each shipment includes (3) bottles each of (4) different wines that I searched for exclusively for this group. The average bottle cost $45 (sometimes a little bit lower and sometimes a little bit higher).

As well, you receive tasting notes and valuable insight on each of the wines.

Your credit card will be charged at the time of each shipment (Oct, Nov, Dec, Feb).

You may cancel at anytime with no obligation.