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Organic Wine Gifts

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If you are interested in exploring the fascinating world of Sustainable, Organic and Biodynamic wines, come with me as I taste you through some of the most interesting wines from all parts of the world.

I will be featuring wines that represent some or all of these attributes and each accompanying newsletter will explain the methods and philosophy of the winemaker.

• Sustainable: Winery carbon footprint is reduced by sustainable practices
• Organic: Certified Organic farming.
• Biodynamic: Certified holistic farming
• Dry farmed: Causes the vines to go deep to get nutrients
• Low sulfur: Lowest sulfur content available.
• Dry: No added sugar
• Hand Harvested: Hand selection ensures proper ripeness
• Old Vines: The older the vine, the more concentrated the fruit
• Low Carb: Less sugar, less carbs
• Paleo Friendly: Safe for Paleo dieters
• Wild Native yeasts: Fermentation comes from the yeast provided by grapes
• Keto Friendly: Safe for Keto diets