Rose, 2020. Ile de Beaute

Rose, 2020. Ile de Beaute

Item #: R0721R2IF
Vintage: 2020
Varietal: Rose
Vineyard/Appellation: Corsica, France
Color: Pinkish
Nose: Floral
Palate: Enveloping
Finish: Natural
Rating: 98
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now thru 2022/Just About Anything/11.9% Alcohol by Volume

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The name is fittingly translated in English to "beauty." This is crafted by a 100-year-old coop on the island of Corsica, one of the most fascinating wine areas in the world. First of all, besides being Napoleon Bonaparte's birthplace, it has swapped ownership between Italy and France throughout history before ultimately being sold to France for good.

It seems none of the ownership swaps really took as the grapes grown here have neither French nor Italian names, though some are the same. Corsica is almost 2,000 feet above sea level and boasts more sunny days than any appellation in France. For this reason, its wines are bigger, bolder and higher in alcohol. They were used mainly to "strengthen" wines in weak vintages produced in the cooler areas.

The main grape in our blend is Sciaccarellu. In Italy this grape is known as Mammolo and is a main ingredient in Chianti when blended with Sangiovese. While the Italians claim it as their own, the grape actually originated on the island of Corsica and was brought to Tuscany as opposed to the other way around. Like many stories, this one changes depending on who's telling it.

Regardless of what you call it, this beauty is one of the classiest roses we've encountered. The low alcohol allows the fresh peach and kiwi to emerge and coat the palate with loads of loveliness. The enveloping fruit and lip smacking citrus is just what is ordered for a shrimp salad featuring lime and mint or smoked mussels au natural.