Rose, 2021. Pasquale

Rose, 2021. Pasquale

Item #: R0822R2
Vintage: 2021
Varietal: Rose
Vineyard/Appellation: Italy
Color: Salmon
Nose: Cherry, Earth
Palate: Meaty
Finish: Lingering Freshness
Rating: 96
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now thru 2023/Seafood, Fowl/14% Alcohol by Volume
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These guys wanted to make a rose in the worst way. After all, here they are growing one of the greatest grapes in the world, Nebbiolo, where it grows best, in Piedmont's Langhe district. Add to that the fact that the vines are 10 years old and planted so close to each other that you can only tend them by hand. The yield is so small that each plant barely produces two glasses of wine each. In other words, this is probably the most expensive rose to produce there is. But, when you consider the history and position of the Pelissero family, it all makes perfect sense.

The winery was founded by Giuseppe Pelissero in 1921 and is now run by his granddaughter, Ornella. It wasn't until 50 years later that they produced their first Barbaresco. Before that they sold grapes to other producers and the little wine they made, they sold in bulk to negociants. Today, the vineyards are of an age to craft exceptional wine. Our selection is a perfect example of dedication based on a family history that goes back generations. This is our first rose made entirely from Nebbiolo and it is nothing short of astonishing.

Other than the cost, we wonder why it's never been done. But, then again, it's a big cost. It certainly lives up to its pedigree. Lovely hints of cherry blossom and rose petals waft into the air, delivering that promise on the palate. The result is a larger than life rose with extracts and weight to match seared ahi or scampi.