Rose, 2019. Biokult

Rose, 2019. Biokult

Item #: R0920R1IT
Vintage: 2019
Varietal: Rose
Vineyard/Appellation: Pamhage, Burgenland, Austria
Color: Pale Scarlet Red
Nose: Berries, Pepper, Cranberry, Mineral, and Lemon Rind
Palate: Strawberry, Raspberry, Pear, and Plum
Finish: Crisp and Dry with Wonderful Acidity
Rating: 98
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Drink Now/Salads, Fish, Noodles, Poultry and Light Meat Dishes/11% Alcohol by Volume

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Biokult is a cooperative venture amongst organic farmers in Austria, united by a shared approach about how best to make wine. The farmers behind Biokult are not only master winemakers, but also grow vegetables, raise animals, and above all, take loving responsibility for their land. Biokult's vineyards are dynamic gardens bustling with a diversity of flora and fauna. Among the many herbs and plants that grow in the vineyards, the farmers covet clover, which promotes the structure of the soil. For this particular rose, Loosestrife clover helps tremendously in attracting good insects and promoting a habitat beneficial to the vines.

This Zweigelt Rose comes from Pamhagen, Burgenland in the far east of Austria bordering Hungary. As Austria's largest wine producing region, with the designation for Qualitatswein, Burgenland produces some of Austria's finest wines. Pamhagen is located in the Neusiedlersee region where the soil is predominantly sand and loam with variable admixtures of gravel. The Pannonian climate zone, which is hot, continental, and dry, is ideal for spicy and fruit-forward Zweigelt.

Biokult's practices of minimal intervention rely in part on the vitality and diversity of local yeasts, enzymes and microorganisms that allow wines to develop freely and without manipulation. Fermentation is completely natural and spontaneous. This roses produced using the classical method for rose production, which is using a short maceration to give the optimal rose coloring, then aged for seven months in stainless steel tanks.

The color of this wine is a pale scarlet red with silver hues. Mild aromas of berries and pepper with a cranberry, mineral, and lemon rind finish. Notes of strawberry and ripe pear are immediately apparent, followed by a crisp, dry, and fruit-forward finish. Red fruits like plums or freshly picked raspberries resonate on the palate. This wine pairs well with salad, fish, noodles, poultry, and light meat dishes.