Rose, 2020. Domaine Poli

Rose, 2020. Domaine Poli

Item #: R1221R2IF
Vintage: 2020
Varietal: Rose
Vineyard/Appellation: Corsica, France
Color: Pale Pink
Nose: Strawberry, White Peach
Palate: Floral
Finish: Elegantly Refreshing
Rating: 97
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now thru 2022/Seafood, Fowl, Vegetarian/12% Alcohol by Volume

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Eric Poli purchased 7.4 acres of old-vine Niellucciu and Vermentino in the heart of Patrimonio, the oldest and arguably best appellation in Corsica, on the mountainous Mediterranean island. He also bought 108 acres outside of Linguizzetta, his hometown on the east coast of the island. Though off the coast of France, it is actually part of Italy, though other than that, there is not much to compare to the mainland.

Niellucciu has been growing on the island for over 1,000 years. It was brought from Tuscany, where it is known as the principle grape in Chianti, Sangiovese. How and why the name was changed has yet to be figured out, but at least we know it comes from noble parentage. Wine has been produced here since the Phoenicians settled on the island in 570 BC.

Rose wine is relatively new to Corsica, but it has taken off quite well. Of course, using a dignified grape like Sangiovese doesn't hurt. Because of the vineyard's 2,000 foot elevation, the sun is brighter and the temperature cooler than sea level. This condition allows the grapes to mature slowly, while still retaining the necessary acids, which contribute to the gripping finish.

White peach and grapefruit are the main attraction here followed by swatches of strawberry and finishing with an herbal swing and a touch of lime zest. This is an anything goes selection. Pairing with anything from Chinese chicken salad to Merguez sausages with couscous would rock the glass.