Riesling, NV. Primo Amore

Riesling, NV. Primo Amore

Item #: V0819W2II
Vintage: NV
Varietal: Riesling
Vineyard/Appellation: Provincia di Pavia I.G.T., Italy
Color: Pale, Greenish Tinge
Nose: Spice, Apricot, Apple
Palate: Tropical Flavors, Green Apple
Finish: Long and Gripping
Rating: 93
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2022/Seafood, Fowl, Vegetarian/10.5% Alcohol by Volume
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Primo Amore is a very interesting and unique wine. First of all, it comes from Lombardy, one of the northernmost areas in Italy. It is also a little-known wine appellation, probably because Piedmont to the west and Alto Adige to the east are two of the most famous areas in Italy - or anywhere else in the world.

The wine's name translates to "First Love," a fitting moniker for a Riesling from Northern Italy. For many of us, Riesling is our first love. Italy is not known for Riesling, but it should be. It shares climate and soil (what else is there?) with Germany, where the best Rieslings in the world come from.

This selection is made almost like Chardonnay, though there is no oak treatment. The grapes are lightly crushed to remove the pulp from the seeds and stems and then fermented in stainless steel. Though the process separates most of the stems and seeds, it leaves a few in the wine called lees.

These lees, excuse the rhyme, do something magical to the wine that is not fully understood. They fall to the bottom and, once a month or so, are stirred in order to make more contact with the wine. This goes on for months.

The result does not impart any particular flavor, but it does impart texture. When you mix that texture with the enticing natural flavors of Riesling, the result is searing apricot and pear that hugs the palate as long as you let it.