Blanco, NV. Mosketto

Blanco, NV. Mosketto

Item #: S0620W2II
Vintage: NV
Varietal: Blanco
Vineyard/Appellation: Italy
Color: Very Pale
Nose: Green Apple
Palate: Tingling Apple
Finish: Lemon Zest
Rating: 96
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2022/Appetizers, Fish, Cheese/5% Alcohol by Volume

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Mosketto is produced by a large, international wine conglomerate headquartered in Germany. They provide immense services to small, independent wineries worldwide to help them with their production and logistics, which is of tremendous importance in dealing with the vastly changing world of wine.

They also partner with medium-sized wineries offering the same services. Because of their international reach in the distribution network, they can move product more easily than most. This, of course wouldn't really be of interest to us unless we liked the wines, and we really like them.

Mosketto is one of their own creations, working with growers in Piedmont. It is identical to one of the great dessert wines of the world, Moscato d'Asti, with one exception; it doesn't come from Asti. It comes from an area next door. It looks, tastes, and smells exactly the same, but because it isn't explicitly grown in the Asti appellation, it's just Mosketto and less money. Good for us!

The best way to describe Mosketto is that it tastes like the spray from a freshly cut green apple. The shy tingle on the tongue rounds out the lovely fruit flavors, low alcohol, and piquant sweetness.The beauty of a wine like this is its balance. Upon entry, you get that touch of sweetness with the apple and citrus, but it finishes dry and crisp. With fruit and cheeses, it's no less than perfect, but we'd be hard-pressed to think of anything that this lovely wine wouldn't complement.