Moscato, 2021. Enotria

Moscato, 2021. Enotria

Item #: S1222W1
Varietal: Moscato
Vineyard/Appellation: Argentina
Color: Very Pale
Nose: Lychee, Honeysuckle
Palate: Peach
Finish: Long & Lovely
Rating: 98
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Cheese, Fruit

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Ichanka translates as "Water of the Condor" and refers to a village located on the Estate. It was an important source of spring water to the indigenous Diaguitas Tribe. This secret water source was discovered courtesy of the Condors that would be seen hovering over the spring. An interesting name for a wine, but then again, the man who founded it is even more interesting.

Julian Clusellas, an agricultural engineer in Buenos Aires, opened the newspaper one day and saw an ad for 10,000 barren acres of land for sale. Three months later, he and his wife were staring at that barren land located 1200 miles from their home. It was irresistible. It took years, but eventually he had established a small town, Valle de la Puerta, planted an olive grove, vineyard and built a winery and olive oil production facility. He now employs 300 people and half of that barren land produces grapes and olives.

Torrontes is indigenous to Argentina. It is a wildly fragrant, rich, and fruity wine with crisp acidity. For the past 20 years or so, Malbec has taken center stage as the premier grape of the Mendoza region. However, Torrontes is waking up people's senses to its fragrant and exotic components similar to Viognier.

Our selection is pure Torrontes from this area. The nose is super clean and ripe with stone fruit, guava, and kiwi. Bits of honeysuckle round out the exotic flavors which are further amplified by piquant acidity which segues into the grand and glorious finish.