Red Blend, 2019. Melios

Red Blend, 2019. Melios

Item #: U0122R1IK
Vintage: 2019
Varietal: Red Blend
Vineyard/Appellation: Ilia, Greece
Color: Deep Purple
Nose: Dense Berry
Palate: Rich Plum
Finish: Elongated
Rating: 97
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now thru 2025/Red Meat, Game/12.5% Alcohol by Volume

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We could barely read a word on the label, but the wine talked to us for hours. For a country that spread vine growth all over Europe 3,000 years ago, Greece has hardly measured up in quality until now. This selection is a stunning example of what the future holds for this "up and coming" country.

Melios is crafted by the Brintziki Estate founded in 1932 near the sacred town of Ancient Olympia. It has been run by Sakis Brintziki and his wife, Dioynsia, since 1994. Under their direction the property and winery have earned an organic certification, become carbon neutral and uses solar and geothermal energy so efficiently that they return surplus energy back to the community.

The blend here is Merlot, the staple grape of the Right Bank in Bordeaux, and an indigenous Greek grape called Mavrodaphne, a grape of curious, if not mysterious origin. It loosely translates to "black dafni" meaning it is a black rendition of the white grape dafni, but the little information on it says that it is of its own parentage, making it curiouser and curiouser.

There is nothing curious about the incredible flavors in this wine. With input from George Kotseridis who has worked for no less that Chateau Petrus and Chateau Calon-Segur, this wine comes as no surprise. The deep, dark, rich color signals the imposing wine to come. We can safely say that we've tasted nothing like it. At once black cherry and plum and then a twist to lilac and rose petals. A grilled leg of lamb with garlic, oregano and lemon would do nicely.