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Montefalco Rosso, 2015. Bocale

Montefalco Rosso, 2015. Bocale

Item #: U0220R1II
Vintage: 2015
Varietal: Montefalco Rosso
Vineyard/Appellation: Umbria I.G.T., Italy
Color: Medium to Dark Purple
Nose: Earth, Loganberry
Palate: Dense Black Cherry
Finish: Enveloping
Rating: 98
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2027/Red Meat, Game, Fowl/14.5% Alcohol by Volume

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The Valentini Family's ownership of Bocale only goes back a hundred years. But the history of the wines produced in Montefalco goes back nearly 1,000. Even with that history, it still took almost that long to get the recognition it deserves.

The problem here is that Montefalco is in Umbria, which is next door to Tuscany. Guess which one gets all the attention. To compensate, they planted its principle grape, Sangiovese. Unfortunately, whether the Umbrian wine was better or not, Tuscany still had the reputation and that's all they needed.

What innovative producers like Bocale realized is that they have their own indigenous grape, Sagrantino, that they need to promote in order to stand next to Chianti. As a result, they have carved their own path and made their own history. Sagrantino di Montefalco was granted DOCG status in 1992.

They also were one of the first to introduce total organic farming and beyond. Their 20-acre vineyard uses only organic fertilizers, no herbicides and natural yeasts. They don't filter their wines or heat stabilize. Heat stabilization is the process of raising the temperature of the wine to 135 degrees Fahrenheit to kill any microorganisms. Most wineries say it doesn't affect the wine. What do you think?

The result is just clean, beautiful wine. The aromas of rain-soaked earth, bramble and loganberry emanate from the glass and deliver those promises on the palate. Sweet/tart cherry is added in the middle and finish. Would be otherworldly with rotisserie chicken or stuffed squab.