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Vermentino, 2017. Binzamanna (Ares)

Vermentino, 2017. Binzamanna (Ares)

Item #: U0919W1II
Vintage: 2017
Varietal: Vermentino
Vineyard/Appellation: Vermentino di Sardegna D.O.C., Italy
Color: Sparkling Gold
Nose: Guava, Peach
Palate: Delicate Stone Fruit
Finish: Peach and Lime
Rating: 95
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2022/Seafood, Fowl, Vegetarian/14.0 % Alcohol by Volume

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The island of Sardinia may be politically part of Italy, but could probably stand as its own country. Until 1708 it had been ruled for three centuries by Spain, then it was lost through many subsequent conquests that dominated the period. A form of the Catalan dialect is still spoken in many areas here.

Binzamanna was founded by Sara Spanu and her husband, Walter, in 2001. The name comes from an African word in the Hausa language, meaning "search." That may be a reference to the search for identity, but what you don't have to search for is great wine.

Sardinia is one of the great wine secrets on Earth. Most people don't know any of Sardinia's grapes - either because the grapes are indigenous to the island or else are called by different names in the wider world. By whatever names, the wines here are something else.

There is no question, however, that the most prized grape here is Vermentino. The Vermentino grapes grown in Gallura became the first D.O.C.G. appellation on the island, and deservedly so.

The island itself is primarily pristine because it is free of outside, sometimes hostile, nemeses that could harm their agriculture. As a result, organic farming here is easier than in most places.

This is classic Vermentino with all the nuance and character we expect. Lovely guava and peach aromas signal the same to come on the palate and finish with ample flavors to spare.