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Bordeaux, 2017. Chateau Chavrignac

Bordeaux, 2017. Chateau Chavrignac

Item #: U1119R2IF
Vintage: 2017
Varietal: Bordeaux
Vineyard/Appellation: A.O.C. Bordeaux, France
Color: Medium Crimson
Nose: Pure Dark Cherry
Palate: Tumbleweed, Plum
Finish: Lush, Medium Tannins
Rating: 97
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2025/Red Meat/13.0% Alcohol by Volume

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Chateau Chavrignac is a completely organic property founded in 1964 by the Bouron Family. They converted over to biodynamics in 2014. The founder, Paul Bouron was told that he had terminal tuberculosis. Paul would have nothing of that. He began a completely organic transformation of his farm. His diet consisted of what he grew. Unfortunately, Paul finally did pass away. 50 years later!

Chavrignac consists of 75 acres in the Entres-Deux-Mers region of Bordeaux. The chateaux red wine is made of 55% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc and 10% Petit Verdot. This is pretty much the makeup of classic Bordeaux wine as it has been for more than four centuries. It's a hard success rate to argue with. Who would?

Organic and biodynamic farming is not easy. Then again, neither is conventional farming, but each has its own hurdles. Organic farming dictates that you not only propagate your main crop, in this case grapes, but you also propagate crops that support that main crop like grasses and fauna that attract beneficial insects that prey on those bent on destroying your crops. It's a delicate balance but one that pays off.

That payoff is healthier grapes, which translates to healthier wine. Our selection is the beneficiary of that treatment and it shows. The color almost glistens with excitement while the aromas of fresh cherry fill the room. The similar flavors are expanded by touches of earth, spice and pleasure.