Chardonnay, 2016 Surf Swim

Chardonnay, 2016 Surf Swim

Item #: V0119W2DC
Vintage: 2016
Varietal: Chardonnay
Vineyard/Appellation: California
Color: Medium Straw
Nose: Tropical Fruit, Apple
Palate: Medium Body
Finish: Lovely Green Apple
Rating: 94
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2020/Seafood, Fowl/13.5% Alcohol by Volume

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Back in 1985, Alex Guarachi came to the U.S. from Chile to play soccer, but an injury changed his course. Living near Napa and Sonoma Counties, he saw an opportunity to teach local wine lovers about his beloved South American wines. Alex started by becoming a salesman, importer and advocate for a wine that most people had never heard of.

Those of us who had heard of Malbec had tasted the French version and thought it was awful. So, how good could the same grape be when it came from Argentina? Well, "surprised" doesn't go far enough. Stupefied would probably handle it better.

've never seen a wine become so popular so fast as Argentinian Malbec. It was delicious, hilariously inexpensive and incredibly consistent. In other words, all the things you want in a wine.Then Alex tried to sell another grape people had never heard of, from Chile, called Carmenere. By this time, his track record was established and there was no doubt he had found another winner.

Alex's success allowed him to build a winery in Napa and make his own wines, never forgetting his roots and the things that made him successful. He continued to provide great wines at great prices.

Who says you can't have a little fun in the process? Surf Swim Chardonnay is that fun. From the cooler regions of California's coast, where the surf is always up, comes this delicious offering. On the nose and on the tongue, it's a swirl of lovely, piquant apple and tropical flavors, with hints of lime and spice, finishing with a flourish. Have it with a fun time.