Pinot Grigio, 2018. Cavaliere Valdadige

Pinot Grigio, 2018. Cavaliere Valdadige

Item #: V0121W1II
Vintage: 2018
Varietal: Pinot Grigio
Vineyard/Appellation: Tuscany, Italy
Color: Sparkling Gold
Nose: Tropical
Palate: Lavish Fruit
Finish: Crisp, Mineral
Rating: 97
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now thru 2022/Fish, Fowl, Vegetarian/12.5% Alcohol by Volume

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It's not often that we come across an estate in Tuscany that boasts over 500 years of history and we have never heard of it. However, as we dig into that history, we learn that Cavaliere d'Oro, "The Golden Knight," is the name of the restaurant on the famed Castello di Gabbiano Estate in Chianti. Those people there we know. As a matter of fact, we've encountered the owners of the estate countless times and they are among the most impressive wine people we've ever met. The passion in Rino and Raynelle Arcaini's voices is echoed in their wines. It's only matched by their humility. You see, the restaurant has been around for 500 years. The winery for almost a millennium. It's nearly impossible to fathom.

Winemaker, Federico Cerelli, now has two decades of experience crafting wines on this famed estate. Federico has taken the mantle of Gabbiano and expanded its reach beyond Chianti, reaching even beyond Tuscany. But in keeping with the position of Gabbiano in the wine world, the region where the wine is produced can only be the best possible. In this case it is the Valdadige appellation inside Alto Adige, considered the finest area in Italy for Pinot Grigio.

Our selection holds up to that definition. The grapes were hand-picked and hand-sorted, assuring that only the best is used. Cold fermentation allows the delicate fruit to emerge. The result is a finely textured wine offering pinpoint tropical and mineral flavors to enhance a smoked salmon terrine or shrimp cocktail with an extra dash of horseradish.