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Pinot Noir, 2013. Fowles

Pinot Noir, 2013. Fowles

Item #: V0717R1IU
Vintage: 2013
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Vineyard/Appellation: Central Victoria, Australia
Color: Bright Magenta
Nose: Cherry Blossom, Mint
Palate: Lovely Cherry
Finish: Lovely Fruit
Rating: 97
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2020/Light Meats and Fowl/Alcohol: 14.0%

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Last month, we featured the 490 Metres Shiraz from Fowles that was a sensation. This month we are even more ecstatic in presenting their Pinot Noir.

I don't remember tasting a Pinot Noir from Australia, so it was with more than a touch of trepidation that we gave it a go. To say that I was completely taken by it is an understatement. I even called the importer to find out if I could get some for myself and was saddened and mystified they no longer plan on exporting it.

There isn't much Pinot Noir in Australia. Of the roughly 500,000 acres of grapes in the country, a total of 8,000 are planted to Pinot Noir. That's about 1/10th the amount planted in both France and the United States. Yet, this one stands out more than most we've tasted from anywhere.

First of all, Australia is known for big, robust wines and the great Pinot Noir is not among them. Yet Australia has some perfect areas for this grape, as witnessed by our selection.

This is about as classic a rendition as could be. It has that beautiful, bright magenta hue, a sensual and engaging nose of cherry blossom, mint and cedar, and a generous helping of forward fruit on the palate. Quite honestly, I don't think many Pinots are better. And at this price, you better sock away plenty, because it certainly won't be around for long.

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