Chardonnay, 2014. Tipping Point

Chardonnay, 2014. Tipping Point

Item #: V0817W1DC
Vintage: 2014
Varietal: Chardonnay
Vineyard/Appellation: Central Valley, California
Color: Medium Straw
Nose: Green Apple and Spice
Palate: Apple, Guava
Finish: Lingering Tropical
Rating: 95
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2018/Seafood, Vegetarian/Alcohol: 12.5%

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Tipping Point is the handiwork of our friends at O'Neill Vintners. O'Neill was founded by 3rd generation winemaker, Jeff O'Neill. In less than 13 years, O'Neill has become one of the 10 largest wineries in California. Not an easy task, but not that difficult when your family roots (literately and figuratively) go back to the post-Prohibition era.

When you consider their size and position in the market, it's not hard to understand how they can craft such amazing wines at such amazing prices. For instance, while not all areas in California are perfect for growing Chardonnay, some are. You can take wine made from less-than-perfect areas and blend in just 20% of wine from a fabulous vineyard and the entire lot is now better than ever.

The French call it "n?gociant-?leveur" which means to elevate the blend. There are times when just 10% of an addition can change everything.

And that's the case here. O'Neill's vast holdings in the perfect, cool climate of the Chardonnay mecca of Monterey ensure that no matter where the other grapes come from, those from Monterey will dominate the blend and turn the entire wine around.

Here is classic Chardonnay with minimum oak intrusion, lovely green apple, spice, guava and earth tones all wrapped around a lip-smacking finish. It's everything you could want in a great Chardonnay, at a truly exceptional price.

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