Sauvignon Gris, 2015. Casa Silva

Sauvignon Gris, 2015. Casa Silva

Item #: V0817W2IC
Vintage: 2015
Varietal: Sauvignon Gris
Vineyard/Appellation: Colchagua Valley, Chile
Color: Pale, a Touch of Pink
Nose: Fresh Cut Flowers, Herbs
Palate: Weighty
Finish: Long and Full
Rating: 96
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2018/Seafood, Vegetarian/Alcohol: 13.5%
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I must have looked at this label for five minutes for it to sink in. Sauvignon Gris? The last time I saw one of these, I think, was when the Beatles were still together. And then for it to come from Chile? Nothing short of unbelievable.

The anomaly here is that "gris" in French means "grey." But this very rare clone of Sauvignon Blanc is actually slightly pink, which contributes a slightly pinkish edge to the wine. It accounts for only 2% of the white grapes planted in Bordeaux and is barely a speck in Chile. Yet, it makes terrific wine, as this selection will attest.

The Silva family's wine roots go back to 1892, when they planted their first vineyard in Chile's Colchagua Valley. The grapes for our selection were planted in 1912, a fact they very proudly state on the label, as they should. White grapevines over 100 years old are basically unheard of. It's more a labor of love, since the yields are so miniscule, it would be almost impossible to make a profit.

We're certainly glad they still make it, because it is incredible. The grapes are fermented in stainless steel to preserve the fruit essences and lively acidity. It is then gently racked to eliminate the sediment and held for a few months until bottled.

The result is a real experience in intensity and flavor, but with a majestic air about it. This is a very rare wine and should be enjoyed as such. There is very little around, but it's worth the search. Luckily, we found enough to share.

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