Pinot Noir, 2015. Primary Wines

Pinot Noir, 2015. Primary Wines

Item #: V1117R3DC
Vintage: 2015
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Vineyard/Appellation: California
Color: Clear Magenta
Nose: Cotton Candy, Mint
Palate: Tart Cherry, Spice
Finish: Cherry, Spice and Earth
Rating: 96
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2025/Game, Fowl, Seafood/Alcohol: 13.5%
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Winemaker Ron Hill started his winemaking career in 1992 in Saudi Arabia. Well, that is certainly a first! He had wanted a career inforeign service, and traveled extensively in Europe, tasting and exploring all the great wines there. Somewhere along the line, hedecided that wine was more exciting than foreign service. And we all know that when wine gets in the way, as the story goes, it never goes away.

So in 2001, he took an internship at one of our favorite wineries, Babcock Vineyards, and learned literally from the ground up. Ron was there for 10 years while learning as much as he could from one of the best winemakers in California. He even stayed on after he started his own wine operation, a-non-ah-mus wines, continuing to learn about the area and the superb Pinot Noirs produced there.

Primary Wines was borne out of an intense desire to make wines of distinction which reflect the ground on which the grapes are grown. On every label is an explanation of the origin of Primary Wines' name, a result of frequent praise of the "primary fruit characteristics" of the wines during winetasting sessions.

Ron Hill couldn't have picked a better place for this endeavor. The area around Santa Rita Hills, California, may be the best in the state for Pinot Noir. No wonder Ron was smitten at first scent.

This offering is truly remarkable, exhibiting all the nuance and sensual pleasure that only Pinot Noir can bring. From the cotton candy and mint notes in the nose to the sweet/tart cherry middle to its gloriousfinish, this is a symphony in your mouth.