Moulin Caresse, 2017. Les Frangins

Moulin Caresse, 2017. Les Frangins

Item #: V1118W1IF
Vintage: 2017
Varietal: Ugni Blanc/Semillon
Vineyard/Appellation: I.G.P. Perigord, France
Color: Very Pale
Nose: Lilac, Peach
Palate: Soft Peach, Pear
Finish: Delightfully Crisp
Rating: 96
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2020/Vegetarian, Seafood/12.0 % Alcohol by Volume

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Chateau Moulin Caresse is run by the husband and wife team of Jean-Francois Deffarge and his wife, Sylvie. The property has been in the hands of the same family since 1749.

The couple have now been joined by their two sons, Benjamin and Quentin, who seem quite proud of one of the first wines they made together. So proud, in fact, that their pictures are on the label. The French term "Les Frangins" literally translates to "The Bros."

The domain now encompasses 128 acres of grapes in the territory of P?rigord, located very close to Bordeaux. As a result, the grapes they grow are the same: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc for red; Ugni Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon for white.

Ugni Blanc is known as Trebbiano in Italy, where it is the most prolific white grape grown. The grape does well in France, too, though the French version tends to have more weight and flavor to it. Such is the case here.

The three grapes in this blend were first fermented separately. After they'd settled down, the brothers did a trial blending before deciding what the final blend would be. As a result, this blend is almost always different each year.

Ours is 45% Ugni Blanc, 45% Semillon and 10% Sauvignon Blanc. The acidity of the Ugni Blanc blends perfectly with the ripe lush flavors of the Semillon and the touch of lemon peel from the Sauvignon Blanc. Perfect in every way.


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Jun 23, 2019  |  By joseph visconti
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hints of peach throughout this bottle from nose to tongue.... had with shrimp and salmon and it was a very good wine. would recommend