Pinot Grigio, 2019. Cantina de Pra

Pinot Grigio, 2019. Cantina de Pra

Item #: V1120W1II
Vintage: 2019
Varietal: Pinot Grigio
Vineyard/Appellation: Veneto, Italy
Color: Limpid Gold
Nose: Quince, Pear
Palate: Apple, Spice
Finish: Penetrating
Rating: 97
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now thru 2022/Seafood, Shellfish/13% Alcohol by Volume
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After World War II, Giuseppe de Pra planted a few vines on the family's property in the Veneto so he could make wine for his family to enjoy.

Of course, we've heard this story before! One thing leads to another and before you know it, you're building a winery, buying more vineyards and expanding your scope. That was where the de Pra family found themselves in 1959 and they've been going ever since.

They are blessed to be located in a special corner of the Veneto where they get the maritime influence of the Mediterranean and protection from the cold winds of the north from the nearby mountain range. It's almost total perfection.

Vine growing in the Veneto has been around since the Romans ruled the world. Italy has pretty much ruled the world of wine ever since. The French may think otherwise, but consider the fact that it was the Romans who planted the majority of the vineyards in Gaul, aka France. Interestingly, Pinot Grigio, called Pinot Gris in France, is also highly prized.

No other white grape has the position in Italy as Pinot Grigio. It is the only grape that is planted in every province of the country. But, the Veneto is considered one of the best and this beauty proves it. Quince and jasmine emanate from the glass and complement the pear and apple on the palate to tantalize a shrimp pizza or seared swordfish tomatillo salsa.