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Kopke, NV. Ruby Port

Kopke, NV. Ruby Port

Item #: XP6825W
Vintage: Non Vintage
Varietal: Fine Ruby Port
Vineyard/Appellation: Portugal
Color: Deep Ruby
Nose: Young Fruit
Palate: Fresh Fruit
Finish: Long and Harmonious
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: 20.0% Alcohol by Volume

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Hand-picked at the optimum time, the grapes are then destemmed, crushed and converted into wine through a process of careful maceration to extract their color, tannins and aromas, enhanced by constant churning during fermentation. This takes place in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature, between 28-30°C, until the right degree of sweetness (baume) is achieved. At this point, grape brandy is added to create the final fortified wine. Obtained by the blending of wines of different harvests, with different levels of maturation in stainless steel and wood for a minimum of 3 years, the result is a rich and aromatic wine, with the perfect level of sweetness.