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Taylor Fladgate, NV. Chip Dry White Port

Taylor Fladgate, NV. Chip Dry White Port

Item #: XP6827W
Vintage: Non Vintage
Varietal: Chip Dry White Port
Vineyard/Appellation: Portugal
Color: Pale, Straw
Nose: Fresh Fruit, Hints of Oak
Palate: Fresh, Lively
Finish: Crisp, Dry
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: 20.0% Alcohol by Volume

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Taylor Fladgate was the first to pioneer dry white aperitif port. Chip Dry White Port was first blended in 1934, since when it has acquired a devoted following throughout the world. Chip Dry is made from selected dry white ports produced from grapes grown in the Douro Superior (the eastern area of the Douro Valley). Although several white grape varieties are used, the Malvasia Fina grape predominates. Chip Dry is produced using the traditional port wine vinification method, brandy being added to the must to halt fermentation and to preserve some of the grape's natural sugar in the finished wine. In the case of Chip Dry, the brandy is added later, when much of the sugar has been converted into alcohol, producing a port of unusual dryness. The individual wines are matured separately in oak vats for between four and five years and are then blended together shortly before bottling to give balance and character.