Red, 2015. Zorah Karasi

Red, 2015. Zorah Karasi

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Vintage: 2015
Varietal: Red Wine
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It is more than 6000 years of wine-making know-how that you will discover in the scent of this Armenian nectar. Aged in amphorae and made with one of the oldest grape variety in the world, areni noir, it is a wine that seduces by its power and generosity.

While preparing to buy a vineyard in Tuscany, Zorik Gharibian set off in 1998 on a trip to his parents' land, Armenia. He then decides to give up everything to buy some virgin land where everything remains to be done. Helped by his wife, he went against those who told him "be careful", and worked to revive the forgotten culture of these wines aged in clay amphorae.

The grape variety, Areni, with which this wine was made is certainly one of the oldest grape varieties in the world. An ancestral grape variety without grafting or other intervention. The vineyard, which is located at an altitude of 1400 meters, has never known phylloxera. The wine was aged in karas, hence its name. They are amphorae. There you have it, everything has been done to offer you a completely exceptional wine. You will appreciate the aromatic complexity as well as its flavors on the palate, original and out of the ordinary. With this cuvee you will immerse yourself in 6000 years of history of the Armenian vineyard. A rare pleasure!