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Bordeaux, 2010. La Closerie Camensac

Bordeaux, 2010. La Closerie Camensac

Item #: XR6911W
Vintage: 2010
Varietal: Bordeaux
Vineyard/Appellation: A.O.C. Haut-Medoc
Color: Luminous Purple Sheen
Nose: Vivid Red Fruit, New Wood, Pepper
Palate: Royal Ann Cherry with Black Pepper
Finish: Feminine Strength
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Now through 2022/13.5% Alcohol

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This 2010 Camensac is very dark, with a luminous purple sheen. Its nose is very sharp, with vivid red fruit primary notes, slighty tinted with new wood. When swirling the wine, these primary notes gain strength and rise up with peppery tones. On the palate, its tannins are velvetyand reveal a thin and elegant structure. Its body is full, gaining more volume in mid-mouth. The Royal Ann cherry is distinctly presentwith the black pepper becoming clearer. The finish is compact and completes the general impression of a complex wine bringing to the fore an utterly feminine strength, with suppleness in the form along with an unfailing tenacity.